My name is Roman Avery, I am currently 15 years old (born 11 March 2003) and was born in Wellington, New Zealand. I first started experimenting with music in early 2016, never thinking that it could become a career option for me later in life. I started making music because I had spare time and thought it would be interesting to know how. The music that I make is electronic but holds a lot of meaning to me and some of my fans as well. I use FL Studio for all of my music, which I learned to use by watching YouTube and playing around.

I would say that I started off making house music, such as my first song – Firecracker which was influenced and inspired by artists such as KSHMR, Avicii, and Swedish House Mafia. At this time, I had little experience on how to properly produce and mix and master. I kept making music that I enjoyed listening to, every song getting better. My music started to incorporate a few jazzy elements into it and also I started making some hip-hop/trap beats. Sometimes, I would combine the two for a part of the song, which sounded good to me. I sang on a song in my first album – Mercury EP – which was called Lost. While I look back and cringe a little, my friends hold it in high regard. My next album – Change Sides, Change Signs – was originally created for a school project but I decided to make it into an actual album. You can hear my influences changing throughout the album and I currently enjoy producing future house, future bass, hip-hop beats, and the occasional indie song.

I’m a superfan of Tyler Joseph and twenty øne piløts. I love the meaning of their music and how everyone can find a different meaning to each song. The first song I listened to from them was ‘Stressed Out’ but I prefer their older albums and especially Tyler’s solo album – No Phun Intended.

On January the 6th, I was signed to the record label Cherry Gate. I started the label in late 2017 to help promote the music of other small, independent artists.

Please follow me on Instagram (@alphanullmusic) to hear about my upcoming songs and events and also on my YouTube channel and SoundCloud page.

On March the 11th, I released 2.0 and hit 1.8 million plays on SoundCloud within the next two weeks!

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